Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2020

Seven Of A Kind - Vol. 1 - Neuauflage - english version


This is my first Seven Of A Kind!
- a pattern challenge

(Deutsche Version)

First of all: You take part whenever you want! There is no fix time schedule!


You need:
- 5 sheets of PP in 12x12 " (they should harmonize with each other and be ideally double-sided, that offers you more options)
- a cutting tool with inch scale or you convert the measurings in centimeters (1 "= 2.54 cm).

I chose these 5 PPs:

Now cut the PP according to the pattern.

The numbers in purple are the measurements in inch! (1 box = 1 inch)

The numbers in green stand for the layout this PP piece goes on.

I recommend to directly mark or put the PP pieces together in layout stacks.

And then you can lay out the PP pieces on white cardstock or any individual cardstock you choose- according to these sketches:

 Layout 1:Layout 2:Layout 3:Layout 4:Layout 5:Layout 6:

(Sorry, LO 6 + 7 should be nice and straight, but that didn't work out.)

Layout 7:

How you continue to design your layouts is entirely up to you!
Distressing, punching or tearing the edges, sewing on the PP, stamping, whatever you like.
Throw brads, eyelets and ribbons on the layouts! Doodle and don't forget the journaling and the title!

I also leave it up to you where to put the photos and how many. There are no specifications.

 I'm so excited about how your layouts are going to turn out!
Please link your results here in a comment so that I don't miss any!!! THANK YOU!

I made these layouts in 2011 inspired by this challenge.

This week I redid the complete challenge and it is super exciting t see how differently it worked out and how my way of scrapping changed in 9 years.

I am very curious to see whether you will face this challenge and what your layouts will look like. 

PS: Keine Sorge, dieser Blog bleibt weiterhin ein deutschsprachiger Blog!
Durch meine Begeisterung für die Siebenlinge und Achtlinge hatte ich mich auf die Suche nach weiteren Vorlagen begeben und im englischsprachigen Raum keine gefunden. Also habe ich nun meine übersetzt und bin gespannt, ob sich so auch englischsprachige Scrapper dran trauen.
Meine in dem Zusammenhang neu entstandenen Layouts kommen alle die Tage!
Fühlt euch gedrückt!
* * *

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